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Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

February 9, 2019
Yes, you can make America’s classic family comfort food in an Instant Pot. And for the best part, it’s super duper easy and delicious. It takes only a few simple steps and you and your family can enjoy mouthwatering mac and cheese in as little as 10 minutes. Now that’s worth throwing away those boxes of highly processed Kraft Mac and Cheese!


• 1-16 oz. box of elbow macaroni. Consider buying whole grain macaroni for the additional fiber
• 4 cups of water of chicken broth. The chicken broth adds a little more flavor to the mac and cheese
• 3 Tablespoons of butter
• Any desired seasonings such as garlic, parsley, pepper, salt, hot pepper sauce
• 1 cup of whole milk
• 3 cups of shredded cheddar cheese (or any cheese you desire)


1. Add the water to the Instant Pot
2. Pour in the entire box of macaroni
3. Cut the butter into chunks and place it on top of the macaroni
4. Add any desired seasonings. I generally use garlic, salt, pepper, and parsley
5. Place the lid on the Instant Pot and set to sealing. Cook on the pressure cooker setting for 5 minutes. Do a quick release when finished cooking.
6. Pour in the milk and the cheese. Mix well. Enjoy!

To enhance the nutrition of the dish, try adding some vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, or peppers. You could also try adding some cooked protein such as chicken, tuna, or turkey for a more complete meal.

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Instant Pot Chicken Wings

February 3, 2019
Instant Pots are all the rage right now and with good reason…they’re awesome! I know a lot of people are a little intimidated by this kitchen appliance, so I’m going to dedicate some time this year educating people on all the easy and delicious foods/meals you can create using a time saving Instant Pot. Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, I thought of nothing else but cooking up some chicken wings. If you like crispier wings, as I often do, this will require placing them in a broiler for 4 minutes after they are done cooking in the Instant Pot. Trust me…this simple, extra step is so worth it for the taste and texture of the finished product.

Instant Pot Chicken Wings

4lbs of frozen or thawed chicken wings
1 cup of water
Your favorite wing sauce for coating the wings


1. Place 1 cup of water at the bottom of your Instant Pot
2. Place the Instant Pot trivet basket with handles in the center of the pot
3. Add your fresh or frozen chicken wings to the Instant Pot. Make sure none of the wings fall into the water
4. Secure the lid and select the pressure cooker feature. You want to set the timer to 16 minutes for frozen wings, and 8 minutes for thawed wings
5. Set the oven to broil
6. While the wings are cooking, line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. I generally spay the foil with olive oil spray to prevent sticking
7. Release pressure, remove the wings from the Instant Pot, and place on the aluminum lined cookie sheet
8. Broil in the oven for approximately 4 minutes. Flip once during broiling to ensure even browning
9. Toss with your favorite wing sauce
10. Enjoy!!!

Total cook time is roughly 15-20 minutes, including time for the Instant Pot to preheat. This is a super easy and delicious way to enjoy chicken wings with minimal effort and time. Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!!!

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