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February 8, 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to Speaking of Nutrition, LLC!

My name is Stephanie Pitt and I am the founder and owner of this dynamic company. I am very excited to share with you my nutrition knowledge and experience by providing tips, recipes, and ideas designed to motivate and empower you to confidently reach your desired health goals.
There isn’t one right way to eat that works for everyone and my goal is to provide you with sound and updated nutrition information which covers a broad range of topics such as diabetes, meal planning, grocery shopping tips, and components of ketogenic or vegan diets. I love to cook, write new recipes, and have fun in my own kitchen so I assure you that following this blog will reflect the interesting and enlightening discoveries I make while I experiment with a variety of foods.

I hope you enjoy following my blog and are able to learn some valuable nutrition information along the way. And always remember: “A healthy lifestyle takes confidence, knowledge, and persistence to achieve, but never disappoints when it finally arrives.”
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